Michael Manser - A wise and witty architect

Golden Grove - 1962

PIRA - 1965

Buckland - 1967

Waterlooville - 1968

Schild - 1972

Thorncroft - 1972

Capel Manor - 1973

T4 Hotel - 1991

Heathrow VIP - 1992

Southampton Airport - 1998

Umoja - 2003

“Michael was generous, outgoing, optimistic, intense and the very embodiment of everything that architects and architecture working together can contribute to society”

Norman Foster

“Michael’s portfolio of some of the most wonderful houses I’ve ever seen, and his focus and drive on his mission to improve the UK’s mass housing stock, have been a huge inspiration to me personally”

Jane Duncan

“Michael designed some of the most breathtaking and inspiring one-off houses of the late twentieth century, built in his pure modernist style.”

Stephen Hodder

“A wise and witty architect who was an adornment to the profession”

Paul Finch

“Every time I walk into the RIBA headquarters at 66 Portland Place I am reminded of the energy and effectiveness of Michael Manser. the stone threshold itself, an elegant shallow double ramp either side of the scalloped steps, is one of his legacies as president from 1983-85”

Hugh Pearman

Michael Manser

1929 – 2016

Michael Manser